♥ Wednesday, June 08, 2016

I seriously  need to get my ass typing my blog.

Kimberly flipped to 3 months 5days which was on 6/6/2016  which was also my helper,  liz birthday!  Lol!

I started taking TR90 on 5/6/2016..and my milk turn yellowish on 7/6/2016..(Kimberly is sick with cough n runny nose,  so am I)
Dunno if tat explains for the yellowish milk.

And now!  At 4/5am! My Menses came!! So dunno if my yellowish milk gotta do with my mens.... Also...  Did TR90 Jumpstart got anything to do with my mens.. Cos its restarting ur system mah..

Ok..  Going back to zzz.  

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♥ Monday, March 28, 2016


Still im confinement,  had Korean BBQ for dinner.  Bb slept at 11.30pm.. N woke for milk at 4.45am.

I pumped at 4am yielding 60ml on each side.  She finished 90ml n i stored the balance 30ml.

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Let's welcome baby Kimberly to our family!  Arrived on 1/3/2016.
Delivered at mt alvernia.

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♥ Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Feeling extremely depressed...  Am into 36 weeks now with #3..

Boss as usual..  Sickening..  Am totally n utterly disgusted la..

Well..  If there's no ending..  There won't be a new beginning..  So ya... I know wat i am supposed to do liao.

Tiffany Darling,  mummy loves you alot...  Maybe mummy dunno how to show my love to you,  but i love u alot alot.

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♥ Sunday, January 31, 2016

Wowwww!  My last post is in 2013!!! Tats like 3 years ago!

Need to note this down..

My 3rd princess is on her way!  Am 34 weeks now...  AND am scheduled to pop on 1/3/2016..

My first  2 pregnancies..  I didn't hear any sounds..  However,  this one..  At 34 weeks..  I heard click click or tick tick sounds coming from my tummy when she moves!  Lol!  Interesting!


Will write more soon!

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♥ Wednesday, November 06, 2013

At 10.45pm, victoria said :jiejie why u keep talking n talking? I want to sleep already you know? u disturb me.  '

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♥ Sunday, August 11, 2013

Drafted on 21 December 2008!!!

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Ok.. before i go.. i wanna blog this..

I was washing the glasses.. and I gave tiff a plastic cup to drink water.. I gave her like 1/4 only.. and she asked for more.. for 3 x.. at the 4th time.. i was washign glasses.. so she said "more, more, more, more, more, more, more" i told her "wait a while, mummy is washing the glasses".. and den she said again.. "more, more, more" i told her the same thing..

When i was abt to finish washing.. she said "when? when? when? when? " Hahahahah.. I burst out laffing! Hahahahaha.. asking me when .. after i told her wait a while.. hahahahaha..

Written on 21 December 2008

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I need to blog this down.. before i forget..

Hahaha.. today i did a very bad thing and i felt very bad.. becos!!! i forgot abt today's party and tiff went to sch in uniform.. and den when she saw the kids inside is wearing home clothes she stun for a while before going in.. lucky i brought home t-shirt and pants in her bag always.. WAh lau!! i feel really bad leh!!! den i call the daddy.. den the daddy send a dress down.. hahahahaa.. sweet daddy hor..

Ok.. am busy.. continue blogging tonite with pics!!! i wanna upload my pics!!

Written on 30 September 2008!

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Tiffany can almost sing the whole song of twinklex2 lil star.. soon i hope she can sing properly..

Written on 23 may 2009.

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Actually my ger can talk.. but when she see me ard.. she refuse to talk or she will shy away.. why ar ?? e.g. My BIL said that she can say Thank you.. when he give her biskit.. i dun believe.. den I stil 1 side and watch.. she said "thank" den when she look up and see me.. she shy away and stop at thank and did not say all of the thank you.

Yesterday noon also.. my SIL told me that the maid ask her wat she wans.. she wans spoon.. WHy ar ?? Why when she see me she refuse to talk ar ??

Things tiff can say

"jie jie"

"mei mei"



thank you

Written on 7 August 2008.

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Yes! tiff says :


Mdm (mum)

mi mi

jie jie




Written on 17 July 2008.

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I got something bothering me.. i really dunno wat is it!!

Weekend was good!! Esp Tiff.. enjoyed herself throughly.. will upload pics later..

Now i need to find out wat is it to get things off my chest!

i GOT something wrong with me.. but i dunno wat's wrong.. i just feel very uneasy.. maybe becos.. i wanna change maid.. but i can't bear to change her.. cos i pity her ??

Written on 17 march 2008!

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Was clearing my draft box n i saw there's some post typed half way not published since 2008... So pls pardon me of u see post so long ago..  Or Werid n funny posts..  Lol!!

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HB Sprain his leg yesterday while at RT.. hahaha.. now den he know the pain.. *evil grin*

Written on 11 march 2008.. Lol!!

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Ya.. hubby passed driving 1st attempt.. GOOD! CONGRATS! I should be very happy mah..

but am so so only leh. hahaha.. maybe worried i dun get access to the car as often liaoz.. hahaha.. silly right..

Written on 10 march 2009.

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♥ Monday, July 15, 2013

I just registered my girl for red swastika today under 2a2. The waiting result is so unbearable. Now a sigh of relieve.. Have to wait tomorrow see how if anyone still goes for registration... Even the principal says at the rate it was going in the morning may ans really only maybe will need ballot for 2a2. And i think if that happens its gonna be record breaking of balloting at 2a2.

RESULTS,  58 out of 83 vacancies for today.

Still undecided how to go abt logistics...  I ask tiffany...

After p1, go p2 we change sch nearer to our new home ok?

Den i say now same sch as leqi,  den we change to same sch as mischa ok? She say ok..  Den i say if same sch as micha den until p6 is the same all the way..  Den She ask me..  Which is the good sch?  I say both also good..  She said..  Oh gosh!

Den she asked,  which is the better one?

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