♥ Wednesday, February 22, 2012

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♥ Tuesday, February 21, 2012

yesterday was an extremely bad day... rushed to fetch the girls..  rushed through work.  n den rushed to. meet hubby cos he was nearby in town..  he send me to fetch the girls..  when i reached their school it was threatening to rain very badly.. Tiffany was proudly telling me tat she drank alot of water as i asked her to do so as she was very heaty.  since she drank so. much water i asked her to use the toilet in. school first but she refused. 

so we hurrily walked all the way out to 444 coffeeshop to get dinner..  while waiting for the food..  i had the urgency to go toilet. so i asked the girls to sit at a table to wait for me.. 

i went to the toilet i could hear. Victoria screaming for me..  so i faster went back to them.. 

i asked tiffany if she wanted hotdog bread (her favourite)  for breakfast the next morning,  she said yes so i went to thr Bakery.  at the bakery,  she still can asked me to buy tarts etc for her..  i declined..  while paying for the bread..  i heard a auntie standing beside me said aiyo..  "lao jio"..  i turned around..  i got a shock..  lucky i paid already..  Tiffany peed in the bakery! 

at a lost dunno wat to do,  i quickly shouted sorry loudly (of cos the aunties inside not happy la)  n quickly brought tiffany out. of the shop n. asked her what happened..  i believed tat she is embarrassed to..  asked her what happened..  why she didn't tell me tat she needs to pee..  she said cos. i was talking... of. cos i need to talk to ask how much etc mqh..  i think its just excuses la..  dunno what happened to her la..  den. of cos i continue my nagging n quickly went to hail a cab. 

i put Victoria in the cab first den i got in the cab..  she tot i wanted to leave her behind..  i got in first so tat she can stand infront of me..  poor girl she tot i abandoning her.. 

den she standed all the way back home..  anybody anyways its just 2 busstops away.. 

reached home and quickly wash her up n get dinner ready for the girls den i went to bathe.. 

haven even started bathing..  Tiffany said that hrr meimei spilled hrr noodles all over the floor! 

i quickly cover myself den went to clean up the mess and den send meimei to notti corner while i went to bathe.. 

after bathing,  again tiffany complained that victoria bit her.. 

i asked victoria to say sorry,  i tot she will kiss her sister..  instead she put closed to her sister face n den screamed "jiejie! " Tiffany got shock n back off also..  lol! 

after all the dramas...  i wanted to wash n clean the floor..  Victoria came to me and den said "mama!  i wa sleep" (while pulling her clothes at the same time.) sorry while typing this post i fell asleep.. moreover this is the 2nd time i am typing this... lol.. while pulling her clothes she said sleep.. she wanted to sleep.. so k told her, 'go n change first, mummy boiling water (for her milk) she refused la.. den catch her in.. change her.. give her milk, she drink on her own and slept! wat an angel.. :)

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