♥ Thursday, May 24, 2007

Yes.. back to work in Mid May.. First day back to work got announcment of increment at the end of the day.. w.e.f. 1st June 07.. but my job scope and boss is different liaoz... and of cos in different dept.. i quite sad lor...
anyway.. its ok.. am happy now that's wat's most important..

Tiffany is soooooooooooooo cute.. she know how to talk to us liaoz!!! hahahaha of cos its by the goo goo.. gaa gaa thing lah.. hahaha..
but i ask her to say milk, she acutally follow the same tone.. nilk.. hahaha.. tell her mama.. she will smile.. hahahaha.. so happy.. my ger is growing bigger day by day.. hehehe..

she got belly button infection few days ago.. lucky with constent TLC.. she recover fast too..
if carrying her while watching tv.. and she is being ignored.. she will call.. "eh".. hahahhaa.. so cute right...

some things going on in my life now.. am so stressed and fustrated by it.. i dunno how long i can strive on.. but I know i can.. cos i got Tiffany.. she is my strength.. For i know she cannot live w/o her mummy.. i will strive no matter wat.. will hang on in there..

Life is always unpredictable.. but my love for HB and Tiffany is NEVER unpredictable..

This one is after 1st day of work.. go home.. she see me.. i take pic for her.. hehehe.. like very KL the face. hahaha..

I very bad leh.. on sunday.. the maid on off.. den before she go out.. i was cutting Tiffany's nails.. den the maid knock on the door to tell me something.. i accidentally cut till her thumb got blood.. aiyo.. i very heartpain.. the blood keep flowing non-stop.. but the best thing is.. she like no feeling leh.. i so worried that .. she lost so much blood will feel faint or wat.. but she still can play.. no pain at all!!!
dun tell me that she dunno what is pain.. becos she knows.. when accidentally finger poke her or wat.. she will cry one.. she knows wat is pain lor..

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