♥ Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Tiff is really growing up fast.. me feeling a bit sad.. yet happy.. still thinking wan #2 a not.. must make decision fast.. sigh..

this morning.. while alighting from the cab to drop her in sch.. she said "xie xie uncle" omg ! my dear lil' girl is growing..

and since yesterday.. she is a parrot.. hahahaa.. she is learning to talk more now..

and the night before.. was bathing for tiff.. so after shower.. i let her play water awhile.. while i go out and take towel and prepare her clothes.. the next moment.. she came out of the toliet.. pointing to her butt.. "mummy, i wan shee shee" with 1/2 length shit out of her butt already dangling there.. so i quickly put her on the toliet bowl.. lucky in time sial..

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♥ Saturday, May 23, 2009

Tiffany can almost sing the whole song of twinklex2 lil star.. soon i hope she can sing properly..

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WAh!! its been almost a month since i blog.. sorry guys.. hope i dun lose my readers..

ok let me recap back from today first..

i brought tiff to see doc becos we found pimple like spots on the whole of her hands and legs.. so worried its like fake measles or what.. den doc said its aczemae .. it will take 6 weeks for it to go off.. and there is no trigger.. it will just come like that.. maybe previously body got some viral or wat lor..

so anyway got medication to take for 10 days .. blue liquid one.. hahaa.. i dun even dare to taste whether its sweet or not.. becos it blue in colour.. hahahahahaa

after that brought her back wanted her to sleep.. den i cook my lunch.. end up .. she stay up until she shared my lunch too.. lucky she shared.. if not i also cannot finish.. and she ate quite a lot too.. after tat den she went to take her nap..

when i was doing some calling.. she woke up.. den make noise.. i ask her to wait.. den i continue calling..after i finish.. i went to see her.. she kuai kuai sit down at the sofa watch tv.. that's my good girll :)

den brought her to meeting huijing at tampines.. had dinner at swensens.. and she like huijing's son, adrian alot.. hahaa.. i realise that she dun like to play with kids of her same age.. she likes to play with kids younger or older den her.. hahahaa.. yes.. she enjoyed herself lor.. and adrian also took care of her..

otw back.. adrain switch off her fan.. den tiff on again.. (the fan in the car put in front of her) den when tiff on again no light.. so adrian told her.. spoil already.. u know wat she said "mami!!nottie boy!" "mami!! Korkor notti boy" "fan spoil"

i was surprise lor.. she actually know how to say.. hahahahaa.. she is so sweet.. she is really a very heartwarming ger.. she will feed me during dinner too.. hahaha..

last weekend.. we went to wildwildwet and den to kidzexplorer.. ya.. she enjoyed herself thoroughly and she KO once reach home.. and she got the kidzexplorer member for free..

the whole week i busy with work.. her dad pick her after work and handle and settle her.. good job hubby!! yes and i appreciate it :)

on friday morning.. tiff wake up first.. den she wanna wake me up.. she came to me and say "mami wake up" den after that start patting my face and "mami! wake up already!!" hahaah. this ger ar..

and on mother's day.. she still ask me wor.. "mami are u happy?" in the lift on the way home..

wat else ar?? so many i can't remember.. i must blog regularly liaoz... if not i forget like now.. so sad.. :(

oh ya!! another thing!!! wah lau.. on tues nite.. my boss ask me order macdonalds.. for quater pounder.. and only a fwe outlets in singapore have mah.. so i went called the macdelivery hotline and ask them.. den i ask if they can help me order or ask that particular restuarant to send the orders for the quater pounder over.. the guy told me .. sorry our system is inflexible.. cannot send request for a particular restuarant.. so i said ok.. den give me the contact number to that restaurant.. i will call them myself.. and he said "mdm, pls hold on" (i tot he went to get the number) he came back on the phone and said "sorry mdm, my manager said that its confidential and i will get my manager to call u back " my first reaction was "WHAT ?!?!?!? MACDONALDS U TELLING ME THAT UR BRANCH / OUTLET NUMBER IS CONFIDENTIAL?!?!??!" CONFIDENTIAL?!!?!! " wah i tell u kanna screw by me upside down i went to check the number on net and call them and screw them upside down too! pENGz.. so much for SINGAPORE MACDELIVERY HOTLINE!!

ok.. will update soon againz..

me tomolo going to my aunt's house becos my mum making dumpling there.. and afternoon got viewing too..

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♥ Thursday, May 07, 2009

Tiff is really growing fast..

Yesterday while walking home.. her daddy walk slightly faster in front of her and said "neh neh ni pu pu, u cannot catch me.. neh neh ni pu pu" den
Tiff said "no.. " "no" den
her dad said again "neh neh ni pu pu"
Tiff said "NO!, i tell u no"


Today at the door, i digging for my keys, and i told tiff I can't find the keys

me : "mami, can't find the keys, where are the keys?"
Tiff : "no keys, go gai gai"
me : (while still digging for the keys) "go where? no keys u wanna go where?"
Tiff : "no keys, go gai gai, go play"
me : "wait i find the keys"

after a while,
me: "neh! i found it! hehehe"
Tiff : "heheehehe" (with a slightly disappointed.. yet smiling face) hahahaha

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♥ Monday, May 04, 2009

Wow!! Its been long long time since last update! am surprised!!!

anyway.. let me update slowly ok??

talk abt this morning first.. today already very late.. and its raining.. and am sweating like hell.. and den.. tiff walk so slow.. wan to hold umbrella etc etc.. den let me scold.. den after that i carry her.. she started talking so loudly into my ear .. den i angry i scold her.. she tell me "shhh" den she lie on my shoulder!! OMG! my ger ar..!! Sigh..

Labour Day weekend.. we went to desaru :)

We drove up there.. we left house at 6.15 am.. when i said need to leave house at 5.30.. den was told that got jam.. end up.. jam a while la.. not too serious. but very tiring to drive there.. hahaa.. follow the signs and direction.. we reach desaru at 9 am+.. check in everything.. den we rested a while.. den when to pool to swim.. hehe.. Tiff enjoyed herself thorougly manz!!!!

den after tat we had a bit of trouble settling lunch.. so bought cup noodles.. end up order room service.. den tiff zzzz while.. and den abt 3+ we went for body massage.. and den abt 4+ tiff went to play water again.. but becos we just had massage.. tiff went in with her daddy lor.. and of cos enjoyed so much again lor..

den after that ... we drove out to eat dinner.. we went to sg. rengei... another 1/2 hr drive from desaru.. the seafood dinner is superb!!!!! 1 chill crab, 1 butter crab, 1 big plate of sambal lala, 1 big, thick and fat promfet, 1 braised tofu, 1 spring onion + ginger beef, 1 sambal potato sprouts, rice, and 5 cans of drinks.. only RM 200!!! @@ I still miss the Lala.. hahahaa.. den after that went back hotel .. the drive back.. is scary.. extreme dark.. cannot see.. and always hoping that got opposite car come.. den u can gauge.. and need to on high beam to see the road.. a lot of concentration needed..

after that reach hotel.. tiff tired liaoz.. den put her zzz.. den all of us also zzzliaoz.. tiring day.. hahahaa..

on sat.. we head back to JB after checking out at 12pm.. but morning we went swimming again.. let tiff play again lor.. we went to eat breakfast first den go swim.. tiff very disappointed.. wait n wait.. hahaa.. finally go play water liaoz. . she so happy..

den swim for 20 mins.. we went back up to change and pack and headed back to jb.. everybody zzz den i driving lor.. the weather is sooooooooooooo damn hot la! aiyo..

den we went to fruit farm walk a bit.. and den head back to JB.. everybody zzz in the car lor.. den i drive til so sleepy also..

back to desaru.. went to do car servicing.. lucky never extend 1 more day..my brake pad is totally 0 lor!! so dangerous!! OMG!!! AIYO!!! hahahaa..

ya.. go desaru never spend much.. is back to JB tat all the shopping comes in and den spend lor..

Am very tired.. but happy becos Tiff enjoyed totally.. this morning she go to sch still tell me bye bye!!! hahahaa.. my girl is growing.. very fast.. She kisses me everyday.. and when she goes to her teenage years.. no more liaoz.. *sad* .. but enjoy now first lor..

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