♥ Monday, October 23, 2006

Batman & Ginger~

Ginger~~!! Where are u?? Pls come back~!!! Mummy is waiting to bring u over to mummy's new place.. why did u run away just like that?? why can't u wait a little longer???

Ginger!!! Mummy love you.. pls come back ginger~~!!


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♥ Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Sigh.. i decided liaoz.. if wan to write from day 1 very long.. and i forgot some of the details liaoz.. so its ok.. just start from present lor..

today i very moody.. very very sad.. i always think that i drag him down.. sigh.. why is life like that? he can lead a very luxury life w/o me.. w/o bb..

i always wonder .. is it wrong decision to keep bb.. sigh sigh sigh.. he say no more sigh.. if not life wont get better.. but i just can't help it..

why must money make the world go round?? why w/o money cannot survive??

grace keep telling me.. happy mummy will have happy baby.. how to be happy like that??

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♥ Thursday, October 05, 2006

Nuazzzzzzzzzzzzzzz in the morning.. Dar went to buy meepok for breakfast.. den we went to buy bed from seahorse.. hahaa..

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Well.. its a saturday.. i got to go back office to work.. its my saturday duty and my colleague magdalene's last day..

Manage to clear quite a bit of work.. heehee...

Den after that went to collect keys for our unit.. no feelings.. very neutral feeling leh.. not excited at all.. maybe becos i know that there are so many stress ahead of us..

After that we went to have the chicken rice in the hawker centre.. damn nice!!! I like!!!! heehee.. den went to orchard to place deposit for the wedding dinner.. booked 20 tables got 2 free resserve tables.. heehee..

den went to walk walk.. go taka .. long long time never walk walk in orchard road liaoz.. hahaha.. so mountain turtle..

Den wait for ah blur to come meet us in orchard den we went to trader's hotel for buffet.. cos MIL gave us a voucher for 2.. so blur got to pay his lah.. BUT!!!!! its damn ex leh!! $55!!!! Kill ppl put fire leh!!! but the food quite worth it i should say.. got sushi, sashimi.. oyster.. all the good food lor.. and who says i can't eat?? I DUN CARE!!! Just eat first den "da suan" hahahaha..

After that send blur home den go home liao lor..

Tiring day but not bad leh.. heehee..

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