♥ Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Ok.. this January quite fulfilling for me.. though its 2010.. its still not "new year" yet i suppose.. hahhaa.. according to the chinese lunar calendar la..

We started work on 4 January 2010 and the first week has been slow..

its a good thing though.. and den the 2nd week.. i took leave to go for my 20th week checkup.. my sister suppose to go with us.. but end up .. she cant wake up.. hahhaa.. Ms Chee also suppose to go with me.. and also same la.. all cannot wake up.. hahahhaahhaaa!! my appt was at 930 a.m. and i reach abt 9.30 a.m also lor.. but the doc cannot wait.. hahhaa.. call me to ask me where am I..

20th week scan.. and the glucose test also.. YEAH! I dun have diabetes! Thank God for the good health! I guess thats most important..

ya ya.. its a girl... :) I was actually quite upset at first.. after tat.. its alright! Girl also good.. like tiffany good girl.. :)

So any names suggestion?? Please contribute! Preferred 3-syballus to match Tiffany :) and I hope it will be something classic too.. for chinese name.. no worries.. will go to master there to calculate the chinese name one.. just english name.. headache.. hahahaha..

Tiffany is growing growing growing so fast! she is such a sweetie pie! I love her soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo Much! BUT! she is a terror as well!!! really horrid terror when she wants too.. hahhahaa..

and I must note this down.. before i forget.. i think a forget a few already..

On 11 January 2010 when i going for my scan.. i bring her to school first.. i drove to doc.. and den while walking to the car park.. she ask me to walk behind her on the pavement.. den she said "mummy, walk behind me.. wait car come.. no more mummy how??" hahahhaa..

after that we walk pass a cat.. she ask me.. "mummy what's that?"

me : "its a cat, Meow"

Tiffany: "No! Its tiger! Roar!" hahahahaha..

she know how to disturb me :)

see how can dun love her? hahahaha!

and she has started to carry her own school bag to school.. We bought her a hello kitty bag yesterday.. for $13.. cos the auntie see her very cute.. give $1 discount.. alamak! cute also can get discount.. hahahahhaa :P

and den after the scan.. I went to meet my sis for lunch la.. walk ard a bit and den went to her house.. she bluff me to go there.. hahhaa.. no la.. just that she said she forget to bring my present.. so i said Ok i go and take.. hahhaa.. den send her home also lor...

YEAH! My 1st own coach wristlet!! my sis give me one!! Muacks! I love my sis.. hope that she can get her own flat soonest possible.. so heart pain to know that my sister kanna bully lor!! so angry for her!!! ARgghh!! Lucky my hubby also sweet.. also know how to say "not my real sister.. but my sister in law "

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Helo! Happy new year!!

Hope 2010 is a GOOD year for all!!!!

Long time no update huh!HUH HUH HUH!! hahahahah!


Xmas : Yeah yeah .. i told u my sis is back right?? she came over to my place for xmas celebration lor on xmas eve.. and I am so happy that they all enjoyed including my sister in law etc.. they played the stick firesparks too.. will upload pics later..

Of cos Tiffany got a lot of pressies.. and she enjoyed.. this year..we got her a play doh set.. and lucky that she loves it and the playdoh set can keep her occupy.. :) i love u tiffany..

NY eve : we went to ECP to countdown and to see the ships shoot the red sparks.. the red sparks is when they need to ask for emergency help den they will shoot it.. but on new year's day.. its ok.. hahaha.. i was asking hubby.. wat if really 1 ship really need help.. den all shoot at the same time.. den how?? hahahahhahaaa..

on New year day.. we went .. i can't remember leh.. but we went somewhere.. hahahahaa.. i think its fly kite.. and we took up new hobby.. fly kite!!!! hahahhahaha! ya.. Go fly kite! but its really enjoyable.. and best of all.. ITS FOC!!!! hahahhaa.. fishing also need money to buy bait leh.. hahahahaa..

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