♥ Thursday, July 31, 2008

While packing up and arranging empty room for my BIL and SIL.. I saw a supermarket set which i brought for tiff and haven fixed it up.. so.. after tiff zzz.. I ask HB to fixed it up.. and u know wat ??

This morning when tiff wake up.. she saw it .. she clap her hands and said "yeah" and den she go and play it 1st thing in the morning.. even I go to work.. she also bo chap me ar!! tell me bye from her counter.. hahaha..

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♥ Tuesday, July 29, 2008

I must have gotten up from the wrong side of the bed this morning.. when i left house.. my ger haven wake up.. When I reach office.. i started scolding the maid on the phone.. 2 x.. den i call hubby to scold.. den my colleagues kanna from me too.. becos see my things on my table w/o permission!!! arrggg!!


Pigout gathering at LSP with forum mummies.. i think only 50% came.. Ok la.. stil fun.. except for the IDIOT!!! call and scold and throw temper for nothing.. i am damn pissed off with him lor!!! Sometimes i wonder married for wat leh!!! My mum and my aunt at my place.. I think he also go back late from work.. so tiff eat dinner first lor.. den he call me and ask me.. ur mum dunno tiff must bathe first den eat ar ?? I said.. Hello.. this is not the first time liao leh.. when the old maid was ard.. that is tiff's schedule mah!! eat first den bathe.. but of cos wait 1 hr later den bathe la.. that IDIOT!!! DUNNO IS IT MENOPAUSE!!! CCB!! KNNZ!! DEN WANNA FIND QUARREL LOR!!! I VERY ANGRY!!! ignore! .. next day said sorry.. maybe too long never "give" him.. hahahaha..


WAH! Tiff happening ar!! Morning go Pat's schoolhouse trial.. sorry i dun like.. even its cheap.. just dun like it..

den after that go vivo eat lunch with yvonne (smh) den went home.. after that rest a while.. go T3 eat popeye.. wah! really leh!! tiff happening day leh..

den she very cute.. ask her to sit down wait fall down.. dun wan to listen.. until her dad said " coconut head, wait u fall down how?" She look at her dad and den touch her head.. hahahaha.. so cute right??

and becos too happening.. tiff in the middle of the night keep screaming and shouting .. nitemare ba..... the best part is.. instead of consoling the ger.. I was consoling and comforting her. her dad put her outside the room and let her scream a while!! WAH LAU!!! sometimes i really wonder.. wat kind of dad leh!!! i cannot tahan liaoz la!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Talking abt sunday.. even more angry ar!!!Morning i went out.. to do biz.. cos the day before SIL got jio me go downtown swimming liaoz.. i said ok..and she said abt 2-3 pm so after my biz.. i otw home.. abt 12+ going to 1pm.. I call her.. ask her wan me to go pick her up otw home.. go to my house first den we go and swim.. she said ok.. den after ding ding dong dong a few calls said wat her new pram cannot fit into the car etc.. i said nvm.. just come down.. or change pram.. I 1 person only now.. later den decide how..

wah!!! i reach her house downstairs!!! she ask me to go home wor!!! angry leh!!! Think its becos there are some arguments with my BIL la.. but stil!! i downstairs already leh!!! bo pian LL i go home lor!!! kns!! angry lor..

ok.. enuff of angry... i really wanna blood boil liaoz.. stop here!

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♥ Friday, July 25, 2008

Share with u all soemthing..

I bought a pair of shades for TIff.. and den i got worried.. dunno waste my $$ a not.. becos she never liked anything on her head one lor.. dunno will she like this on her face.. and SURPRISINGLY!! SHE LOVE IT!!!

Tomolo bringing tiff to Pat's schoolhouse for trial.. if i like it.. will sign her up for it.. Too late liaoz.. she needs to learn a lot more things!!!

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♥ Wednesday, July 23, 2008

I tot i Did update my blog..

Maybe i lost my readers liaoz.. hehehe.. cos 1 period i did not update at ALL!.. haha..

anyway.. just to update.. WAH!! Over the last weekend.. i was the most FAVOURITE TREE OF the koala bear lor!!!

I practically cannot disappear from the "bear's" sight for a moment lor.. except when she is zzz.. otherwise she will scream and shout and cry for me.. maybe cos she knows its weekend..

she practically wanna sleep on me.. i think if she can.. she wanna eat and shit on me also ... when the daddy hug me.. she jealous.. she scream n scream.. hahaha.. Ya.. must appreciate the time now.. must treasure these actions now.. hahaha..

but lucky on monday go to work.. she very nice.. let me go to work.. say bye bye and flying kiss somemore.. hahahaa..

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♥ Thursday, July 17, 2008

Yes! tiff says :

Mdm (mum)
mi mi
jie jie


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Tiffany is sick.. :(

monday, she diarrhoea 10x.. tues brought to clinic.. stil diarrhoea 8x.. becos she dun like the medi that the clinic give.. wed.. so much better... diarrhoea 2x in the morning.. den i bring to kkh.. mmm... after hearing so many stories.. am impress with kkh's waiting time.. maybe becos its in the monring 9am.. not so much ppl.. the A&E i went in.. and came out less den 1 hour.. prob abt 45 mins or so only..

after that go home.. give her medi.. she drink very happily leh.. but thereafter.. the other dosages.. she dun like liaoz.. need to force liaoz..

am total stressed.. new maid came liaoz.. angry leh! on the phone and the person that came is different from the one that i spoke to on the phone.. faintz! anyway.. she also got good points la.. so give chance lor.. i also need ppl to give me chance mah..

She is said to be obedient.. and so far so good la.. just that she needs to learn ALOT and i mean really ALOT of things..

1st day here.. tiff like her.. but after that tiff sick.. tiff keep clinging onto me.. like koala bear.. hahaha..

am back at work for full day today.. am very very tired now :( ..

good that tiff gladly let me go to work and go in with the maid this morning.. at least my ger is better.. hopefully..

I love u baby..

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♥ Wednesday, July 09, 2008

Tiff has started to :

- wear her mummy's shoes.. high heel shoes..

- drawing the walls with her colour pencils..

- say no more and "meow meow"

- feed herself..

- wear and take off her own shoes..

- climb out of her playpen..

- take her own pyjamas..

- piak her mummy .. :(

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Updates and whining..

i am feeling so emo now.. i dunno why :( i dun feel good..

This is the children's place clothes that i bought.. when i got home.. i let her try.. see can fit and nice a not... who knows she so happy.. den after the maid wash it.. when she saw the blouse hanging.. she said "mei mei"

last nite i ask HB to change tiff into pyjamas .. den she keep moving.. den he shouted at her la.. not really shouted but scold her.. bwhy keep moving.. den i came out from the toliet.. i ask him.. why other daddies can be so patient and good to look after the kid by yourself but not u leh.. Sigh.. I also heard my gf .. she going on a company trip.. no more maid.. and i ask her.. ur hubby can manage ar ? she said why not? but i know my hb can't.. WHY!!! Sigh..
I feel that i am a bad mum.. can't give tiff 100% of my time.. every nite sure will beat or scold her for being notti and den the maid issue.. Sigh.. The new maid coming this weekend.. and I really feel so bad for the maid.. my ger is so attached to her now.. last nite i gave her her pay.. den she ask me to help her send money back.. i feel so bad.. i said "weekend come den we go and send" -knowing that weekend come she is not here liaoz.. *guilty*
somemore every day must scold or piak tiff.. either she will start climbing everywhere like monkey while we having dinner.. if we sit her in together while having dinner.. she will not keep still on her chair..
or either she will start climbing out of her playpen while "bed-time" .. cos my bed is on 1 side stil not so bad.. i so scared she will attemtp to crawl out from the other side den her head will hit the floor first leh.. so everynite got to scold her for doing that lor.. Sigh..
esp when having meals.. she will kanna jialat from me lor.. becos she will keep spitting out her food..

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♥ Wednesday, July 02, 2008

The Pisces Child February 19- March 20
Your Pisces child is gentle, good natured, kind and compassionate, sensitive to the feelings of those around them, and respond with the utmost sympathy and tact to any suffering they encounter.

Pisces is considered a dual sign: one fish battling odds and swimming upstream and the other fish drifting along with the current. Pisces children love peace and strongly dislike an inharmonious atmosphere filled with discordant voices.
They accept the people around them and the circumstances in which they find themselves rather than trying to adapt them to suit themselves and they patiently wait for problems to sort themselves out rather than take the initiative in solving them.

They are more readily concerned with the problems of others than with their own. March children should cultivate the spiritual part of their nature.
They must be taught to search for facts and come to conclusions - to learn to trust their instincts and premonitions.

This sign claims writers, poets, idealists, religious leaders, doctors, nurses and lawyers, all with the divine motivation of helping humanity as their objective.

The Pisces sign is most compatible with Cancer and Scorpio. Famous People Born under the Pisces Sign: Elizabeth Taylor, Actress, February 27 Albert Einstein, Scientist, March 14 Sinnathamby Rajaratnam, Singapore Ex-Deputy Prime Minister, February 25

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♥ Tuesday, July 01, 2008

a LOT OF NEWS going on.. IN singapore..

Tiring.. Sigh..

I forgot to take a video of tiff dancing.. hehehe.. i will take it again if i ahve the chance.. must take everything she do now.. she is so sweet..

here are pics of her doing her writing.. together with her fav cat

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