♥ Wednesday, December 31, 2008

My home CPU DIED!!!!!!!! :(

Can someone buy me a desktop or laptop? :(

Tiff is recovering... as she still has loose stools.. vomitting stop.. but recently .. keep on mami mami mami.. and she also learning to talk.. she will repeat after me!

She can say A for Apple, B for Banana.. and MOST IMPORTANT! her daddy teach her how to say NANABEAR!! Wahahahhaahhaah and she repeated after him!

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♥ Sunday, December 21, 2008

Ok.. before i go.. i wanna blgo this..

I was washing the glasses.. and I gave tiff a plastic cup to drink water.. I gave her like 1/4 only.. and she asked for more.. for 3 x.. at the 4th time.. i was washign glasses.. so she said "more, more, more, more, more, more, more" i told her "wait a while, mummy is washing the glasses".. and den she said again.. "more, more, more" i told her the same thing..

When i was abt to finish washing.. she said "when? when? when? when? " Hahahahah.. I burst out laffing! Hahahahaha.. asking me when .. after i told her wait a while.. hahahahaha..

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U know something.. i am beginning to hate blogger.. must upload 1 by 1 for my photos.. i upload more tomolo.. now sianz. liaoz.. so slow!

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See seth's cheeky face and tiff's innocent face.. wahahahahaha so cute..

My miniture?

Tiff @ Kids explorer

Getting ready to go wedding dinner..

Her new pyjamas i bought from ON.. Its halloween theme..

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Tiff at her 1st concert @ Nanyang High Girls' Sch.. for the K2..

The theme was "Sound of Music"

I bought the CD liaoz.. waiting for the centre to pass it to us.. She has 2 outfits.. her dad got take the 1st outfit.. but me too engross in seeing her appear.. so did not take.. this is her 2nd outfit..

can u find her??

This is after the concert.. she is tired liaoz..

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Tiff going to xmas party @t3.. gift exchange with march babies..

Tiff @ mitsubishi showroom.. u see how she pose!! Big girl liaoz..

This pic got the making of a model liaoz..

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tiffy and her 1st xmas tree. its blur.. i dunno why

And when i ask her to post?? this is wat i get.. hahaha

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Dinner with granny before she leaves for US..

U see.. her granny.. open biskit for her still use teeth.. and tiffany "learning" hahaha.. I miss my mummy.. :(

Sending granny off @ the airport..

Tiffany went goat feeding.. with Yvonne and Belbel.. Hope belbel recover fully soon.. den we can go feed goats again.. i promised her..

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all the pics i said will upload..

tiff in shower cap..

Tiffany when to botanic gardens with her granny...

ok.i will be back for more.. i go put tiff to zzz first..

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