♥ Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Tiffany is suppose to start school this week.. but due to the HFMD .. The director asked me to let her go later a bit.. but today lunch time.. i got a call from them.. saying that can let her start on 8th sept.. Hmmmmm............... now.. i am thinking very very hard..

Hope can get some advice..

I wanna give up the maid.. and send tiff to childcare full day.. BUT if i change job.. I can't fetch her on time becos sometimes need to work late.. Sigh.. how ??

I miss tifffany.. she knows how to hug me tight tight now.. how i wish she wont let go..

I am very tired.. I am being taken for granted.. Sigh..

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♥ Monday, August 25, 2008

Tiffany.. so cute.. hehe.. ya ya.. of cos my ger is always cute to me la..

yesterday when i bathe her.. she refuse to let me brush her teeth.. den i force lor.. and den she cry lor.. cry til very badly.. and i felt bad.. haha..

den at nite .. i ask her again.. so u wan to brush ur teeth before u sleep?? wow! she looked at me and den climb down the bed.. that means wan to go and brush teeth la.. so sweet right?? maybe her mood lor.. den she kuai kuai let me brush clean lor..

This morning.. she see me zzz.. she quietly play.. den when my alarm ring.. she piak my face to wake me up lor!!!!!

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♥ Thursday, August 21, 2008


Sis: "Tiff where is ur water bottle ?" x 100000 of asking
tiff : "table" 1 time only.

When i called my mum.. the phone ring.. my mum ran to the phone.. Tiff also run.. but before that .. my SIL heard tiff said "phone"

the best part of last nite is..

I put tiff to zzzz on her bed.. den i left the room.. den her daddy come back.. and when we went back to the room to zzzz... We found tiff in the middle of our bed.. hahahahaha.. this ger ar.. hahahahaa..

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♥ Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Ha! on sunday we brought Tiff to escape.. she throughly enjoyed herself.. will upload pics later.. i know i haven been uploading pics.. and u know wat?

her daddy ask her "tiffany, u enjoyed urself today?"
tiff reply "yah" hahahaah see tiff can talk.. see whether she wans a not..

den while showering her.. i asked her ..

Me : "Tiffany u enjoyed urself today?"
Tiff : "yah.. blah blah blah" I think she is saying.. daddy asked already u stil ask.. hahahahaa..

She refuse to leave Escape Theme Park.. den we told her next time come back again.. she really enjoyed like siao! Will upload her video..sssssonnnnnnnn.. reaaaaaaaalllyyy soooooooooooonn...

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♥ Thursday, August 14, 2008

Morning !!

Since I am not talking to my colleague to share.. (hao xin mei hao bao) better keep far far away.. knnz..!!

anyway. hahahahaa.. The nite before.. Tiff refuse to zzz becos she tot meimei is stil outside playing.. Until my SIL bring her to see meimei zzz already.. den she kuai kuai zzzz..

Den nowadays.. she always climb out of her bed herself.. if i am not in the room.. i leave her to drink her milk alone.. after a while.. u will find her in the living room.. Pengz.. and hor! she is still sleeping in the playpen hor.. (of cos when she climb out.. its my bed as cusion lor)

Tiff really big ger liaoz.. :)

and she is going to school next month .. and thats another 2 weeks time ? should be happy la.. but my ger growing so fast.. i feel sad leh..

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♥ Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Yesterday afternoon i can't tahan i throw him a sms to him.. when i reach home.. u know wat i saw ??

Hahahaha.. HB feeding Tiff the whole of her dinner.. i was like WAH! hahahahaha... and apparently i checked it out from my SIL.. when he reached home.. he played with her.. bathe her.. and even feed her! WaH! Hahahahahaa!

*cross fingers* hope its not 1 time thing..

i just praised him via sms.. he said "becos ur mum playing the computer.. i can't play.. so play with tiff" FAINTZ!

Den i said "well. .if u wan #2.. u need to learn to look after/take care of tiff lor..IF #2 comes.. 1 have to look after big 1 and 1 look after small one lor.. he said .. he know.. now he take care of tiff mah.. I said .. well its just 1 day only.. lets see lor.. hahaha and he replied "let's see lor" Wahahaha..

Really let's see lor..


On national day we went to pulau ubin to cycle/eat/play.. hehe.. will upload pics later.. pics say more den words..

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♥ Monday, August 11, 2008

I really need to voice it out.. I can't take it liaoz..

just dun understand wat my HB thinking u know Keep wanting a #2 yet.. he dun wan to help take care of Tiff.. until last nite i can't take it liao i blow up.. Cos tiff backside rashes come back again.. and yet.. he can blame the maid for it leh!!!!!!!!!! HELLO!! We are the parents leh!!! not the maid leh!!!! WHY CAN"T HE UNDERSTAND??!!??!?!!?!??!?!!??!?!?!?!??!!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!??!!??! best part is .. he finish dinner earlier den me last evening.. he can sit there and watch tv.. by time i finish i play with tiff.. den i checked and saw that she shitted lor!! if he had played with her .. before i even finish.. he would have discovered it.. Keep saying that "dunno who's daughter" when tiff prefers strangers instead of him.. he got no self-reflection one ar?!?!?!?!?!?!?

Just like yesterday.. We went to supermarket.. he carrying tiff.. den i choosing wat to buy.. den tiff touch the things on the shelf.. den he said no no to her of cos.. and den tiff put her fingers in her mouth.. den he said.. u notti ger.. hands dirty put in the mouth.. yes nothing wrong with that.. and den!!!!! he actually put her down and told her.. u notti u stay here.. dun wan u!! I was like!! "CAN U STOP IT?? U THINK NOW STIL UR FATHER AND MOTHER's TIME AR ??" den he quickly pick her up.. u know .. I realise that he is using his parent's method to teach the child.. when he KNOWS that its the wrong method..

Where's the happiest life he promised me ?? :(

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♥ Friday, August 08, 2008

Ok.. First of all.. i wanna ask u all.. SHall i Change my blog address ?? Maybe to like LoiTiff.blogspot.com?? or any suggestions??

den i change liao.. i scared ppl can't find me.. hahaha.. how ar ??

OK.. Tiff is 17th Months today!! Time Flies! Very scary *shivering* and she needs to go school next month liaoz!!!!!!! 18th months..

I really need to take leave and do something abt it liaoz.. hahahaa..

I thinking shall i send her to those 2 hours playgroup?? or just u know.. send to 1/2 day childcare.. how ar ?? Advice pls!!!!

Last nite my sis was at my home.. den I went out of the room.. tiff is suppose to be sleeping in the room.. den 2 x i saw my sis come out with tiff... i ask her.. why u bring her out.. she said.. She dun wan to zzz.. i said how she know.. the conversation goes like this..

Sis : "Tiff u notti ger"
Tiff : "Yah"
Sis : "U dun wan to orh orh(sleep) ? "
Tiff shakes her head..

See.. big ger getting her own identity liaoz.. hahaha..

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♥ Thursday, August 07, 2008

Actually my ger can talk.. but when she see me ard.. she refuse to talk or she will shy away.. why ar ?? e.g. My BIL said that she can say Thank you.. when he give her biskit.. i dun believe.. den I stil 1 side and watch.. she said "thank" den when she look up and see me.. she shy away and stop at thank and did not say all of the thank you.

Yesterday noon also.. my SIL told me that the maid ask her wat she wans.. she wans spoon.. WHy ar ?? Why when she see me she refuse to talk ar ??

Things tiff can say

"jie jie"
"mei mei"
thank you

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♥ Monday, August 04, 2008

Weekend was madness!!!

Went to the Zoo!! Had fun.. but very very hot leh!! I am so happy that Tiff enjoyed the elephant show.. must whole family go 1 day..

Over the weekend.. Tiff said "thank you" but she shy to say infront of me!! dunno why..

Den.. when my BIL played gun with her.. "bang" she will pretend to fall on the floor! haha

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