♥ Friday, July 31, 2009

creative parenting is instead of scolding the kid, teach the kid wat is right or wrong in a fun way..

to me its like not scolding the kid.. explaining.. e.g. sharing autum's experience.. when EJ was like sitting on the floor throwing tantrums.. she said " Oh EJ u are tired tat's why u are sitting on the floor, let's go find a proper place to sit" that kind u know..

i also have examples.. like last nite.. her daddy keep insisting that no toys in the room.. but he did not tell her why.. and den she was crying and screaming away.. den the daddy said "becos i said so." its not the right way la.. to me especially.. so i went in.. picked up the toys and tiff was whining away.. i said " mummy help u keep the toys since u are busying drinking your milk. I will keep the toys outside and you can play with it tomorrow ok?" she nod her head and continue drinking her milk.. no fuss at all..

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♥ Monday, July 27, 2009

I wanna note this down before i forget.. On the way to sch this morning.. out of the sudden.. Tiffany just tell me .. "teacher jenny good" den i said " huh? Are u saying teacher jenny is good?" "Good" <- than she show me the thumbs up sign.. "Good" "teacher jenny good"

mm.. suddenly tell me like that.. hahaha!

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♥ Friday, July 24, 2009


erm.. got ppl read my blog a not?? i always see ppl get nuffangs ad $$ but hahaha.. think my blog not enuff ppl to read.. lolz

Its been a very tiring and busy week..

OMG! My last post is like 2 weeks ago.. no wonder la.. where got ppl read like that.. SIGH.. but busy also no choice right??

This month july, my menses was like late for abt 5 days.. and i tot tiff got a didi/meimei liaoz.. hahahaa.. but i think think also cannot be .. unless accident.. hahaha..

Tiff is really a good girl.. i love her sooo much.. she is soooooooooooooooo understanding.. this whole week.. i dunno wat's wrong with me.. i keep shouting or rather talk loudly.. she tell me "mummy, stop shouting" hahahaa..

den yesterday, her daddy run she said "daddy, cannot run, stop running" hahaha..

i think she not enuff sleep.. this whole week .. the weather also very good to zzzz .. she cannot wake up in the morning.. have to force her to wake up.. but also la.. dunno why she not sleeping early leh.. put her in bed.. talk to her.. smoothe her down already.. wont sleep until going to 10.. sigh..

will need to put more effort to widen her vocab .. she is learning so much.. must make full use of this period..

Oh! Did i mention that Tiff's CCC told me that Tiff is very music person.. tat means.. she can memorise lyrics very fast and well.. so can teach from there.. keke..

I very DL with work.. how i wish i can stay at home.. but we wan luxury so we must work for it lor.. now before 30.. dun work hard.. wanna wait until when?? after 30 body weak already cannot do this and tat how? YA! so must jiayou now lor..

SOmething happen to my BFF.. sigh.. i also dunno wat to say.. can only standby and listen and give my opinion whenever it rises lor.. i hope u know.. she will wake up...

blog again soon.. need to get back to work.

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♥ Saturday, July 11, 2009

wow! erm.. its been a week.. keep wanting to update but keep forgetting.. jialat.!


tiff is learning very fast..the sch alraedy taught her eyes, nose, mouth in chinese.... den i ask her neck and ears? she dunno.. i think either she enver pay attention or she forgot.. or teacher forgot to teach? kakakaka

den i taught her on thursday nite.. she knows already.. :) smart girl hor.. *thick-skinned*

den i told her .."we cannot be late for sch and work already, mummy late for work, the boss scold den mummy cry" (me pretending to be very sad la)
den she came and hug me very tight.. can feel the love..

so the next day.. u know wat time she wake up?? P.S. me did not ask her to wake up at what time.. all i ask is that she finish her milk..she go and brush her teeth and change.. becos usually she will tell me "mummy, i wan to sleep" hahahaa..

ok.. so guess wat time she wake up??


Tiff is really a very understanding girl. I love her so much.. i hope even as she grows.. she will be as independent and be a very strong ger..

the very best i can do now is to give her the best education that i can..to groom her so that she wont suffer next time.. hope she can migrate and go stay other country also can.. of cos if i have the ability.. We will sure do it in the near future..

ok.. menses haven come!!!!!!!!!! this month me no eat medi.. me not sick.. stress.. as usual.. every month financial stress.. but!! why is my "auntie" not here!!

on thurs so i tried..becos every time i tell my hubby my menses late.. it will come the next day.. hubby said he got the menses face huh?? waakkkaa..

ok so next day.. still dun have.. but got 1 drop.. for a while i was so happy.. den no more liaoz.. hahahaa.. and that drop is not menses red leh.. its blood red.. sigh.. see how lor.. if by next weekend dun come den see how.. ALAMAK! I haven diet leh!!!! how can!!!

and i planning to have a june baby!! but of cos it doesnt matter so long its a healthy baby la.. but my planzzz!!!!!! aiyo!!

ya.. was talking to jen.. life always turn out the other way that we planned.. god making fun of us?

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♥ Monday, July 06, 2009

before i forget.. i better blog it out first..

this morning i ask tiffany "跟mummy 讲话语可以吗"

Tiff answer " orh, orh, orh"

Me : "可以吗"

Tiff answer : " I say 不可以"

Faintz.. wakakakaa..

ok.. back to last nite first..

alamak!! see.. i realy forget leh..

let me recall.. i think its she slept at 7.45 pm.. all the way until next morning! becos she did not take her nap!

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♥ Saturday, July 04, 2009

I have been wanting to blog.. but i keep forgetting!!


just now just 1 min ago i remember wat i wanted to share!! damn!!sigh

Tiff now knows that her big fan is call "sing-pore flyer" wakakakaka.. and when she is cheeky.. she will say "flyer -fan"

Oh! and she also knows the moon! i ask her not to point.. she will put her two hands on her tummy.. but when i ask her "where?" wakakakaka.. she will point la..

and ar!! me so pissed today.. me wanna teach her the logico.. tell her how to play properly.. but instead.. she wanna teach me back.. very difficult to teach leh.. :( but actually in fact.... she knows how to do it.. just whether she wants or dun wan only.. becos when i told her.. lets finish this and den we go and sleep ok? den she quickly finish up..

den she herself wanted to continue.. so.. i let her.. after a while.. i got pissed off.. angry leh! den i cold war with her lor.. she also bo chup me.. hahaha.. and her daddy not in.. now i scold her.. she will IMMEDIATELY run to her daddy! aiyo.. this ger ar..

I wanna train her to moisturize her body and face after every bath.. den she can have nice beautiful skin... :P

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♥ Wednesday, July 01, 2009

Oh ya.. i forgot..

I applied red nail polish on my toe nails.. u know wat tiff said ??

she said that is "lak-lak" = spicy.. hahahaha

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