♥ Friday, February 27, 2009

Yes.. finally i register with Nuffnang.. hoping to earn some cash.. readers.. friends, family,, SISTERS, brothers!! please help help a bit hor!

i finally figured out how to paste the code in my blog liaoz..

and this is one of it..

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Last evening we went to MIL's place to help her do something..

and den .. when going home.. I ask Tiff to keep the toys and we need to go home already..

she took the basket.. and put all the toys in!!! amazing! am very pleased!

and den after keeping all the toys in the basket.. she knows that need to put back in the room.. as there are 2 Long lOng toys.. those that the kids push den got movement at the end .. i placed it nicely for her.. so she can bring in 1 shot.. den after that .. she took it out of the basket.. i wondering wat she doing..

u know wat?? becos its long and sticking out of the basket.. she took the 2 long toys into the room to keep first and den come out and push the basket in!!! AMAZING!! I was surprised and extremely PLEASED !!! hahaha my girl has grown! I forgot to take video cos happen too fast and i was busy enjoying that moment la! hahahahaha!

this morning after I dress her in traditional chongsum as her centre has this dunno wat day la.. not racial harmony la.. something else.. den in order to keep her busy.. i gave her biskit first.. and u know wat? she took 1 each in her hand.. and after that.. she tell me "xie xie" I was like WAH! so good girl!!! I never prompt her to say.. and she say it herself!! so happy!!!

yes.. am a happy mummy.. hahahahaa!

yestermorning.. i was changing.. i ask her to switch off the lights.. she switch off already den she clap her hands.. i ask her to show me how good girl.. she show me thumbs up!! hehehehe..

last nite.. also i sing "if u are happy and u know it clap ur hands.. " and den she CLAP !!:)

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♥ Saturday, February 21, 2009

yes! tiff is growing.. talk n talk n talk non-stop lor.. at first i still scared she cannot talk! wah piangz!! now talk nonstop.. keep mami mami.. this.. mami mami tat.. hahaha.. but she smart la..
when she bathing.. after washing everything liaoz.. she wanna play water.. she ask her daddy to wait.. wait.. outside.. hahaha.. she ask her dad "u wait, u wait" hahahahaha

and den yesterday .. wanna ask her come out from the tub.. ask her.. "u wan to go gaigai??" she replied "yes, wait wait .. u wait' hahaha.. while she is still playing water.. faintz!!

den i ask her throw rubbish into the dustbin.. tell her 3x liaoz.. den she go to the dustbin.. still holding onto the rubbish .. walk back to me. and tell me "mami, i throw ok? i throw ok? " i said ok.. she said " i go dustbin throw ok?" hahahaha den she go and throw lor.. must answer her leh.. if not she will keep repeating..

now she see playground.. she will say "play, play, play" that means she wanna go play lor.. and when she is full.. she will say "full" ..

yes.. she can express wat she wants liaoz! :P

and she talking on her phone alot alot lor!! i wanna take video den she stop talking liaoz..

when she sing twinklex2 little star also.. wit the action.. i take video.. den she dun wan to sing liaoz.. sigh..

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Yeah! Tiff is clear of HFMD!!! its not.. but also dunno wat.. will cause blisters and rash.. the doc dunno said its wat .. i forgot liaoz.. too happy to remember! hahahahaa!

today whole day at home.. i cooked spagetti.. hey ! all the while i can cook ok.. just tat i lazy to take pics only.. today dunno why siao siao.. go take pic of the spagetti sauce.. hehehee..

den after dinner i brought tiff to elias park.. the big playground.. she was enjoying herself.. until i saw! a snake!! wah piangz! its poisionous snake.. den everybody was asking the kids to leave the playground! so scary.. den got 1 PRC little boy.. ask him to stop moving and to move away.. wah! he still walked towards the snake leh! lucky hubby and his dad quickly pull him away.. phew! den i call police la! den forgot to take pic la!! stupid right?? sigh!

den hubby follow the snake see where the snake go lor.. go back to its "hole" by the time the police come.. KNS lor.. say cannot do anything..except to ask everybody to leave the grounds.. wah lau!! park leh.. now leave.. later others will come again mah.. SIgh!

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♥ Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Dunno if TIff kanna HMFD a not.. its suspected though..

at 11+ am today. centre just called.. say T suspected HMFD.. so go to doc to verify .. doc said.. suspected.. becos her mouth no blisters yet.. so cannot confirm.. WT!

but she no fever.. no extra blisters popping out.. doc give medi to "control" to prevent virus from multiplying.. hope its not ar.. den next weeek can go to work liaoz.

actually this sun wanna go zooo..sigh.. cannot go liao lor.. I already applied for zoo pass.. now got to see march when wanna go lor..

she is still active.. still ok.. eating n eating.. but VERY cranky!!!!!

weather very hot!.. the world is changing.. at first i find tat her thigh got a lot of dots.. i reckon its rashes.. becos the day before in the office also haev.. den i go sch tell teacher.. she said might be the weather too.. becos she also ahve..

yes.. this morning go sch ok.. den the news came.. sianz..

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♥ Tuesday, February 17, 2009

the other day i was drying her after bath..
she said " mummy, papa scold"
I said "why papa scold? becos u notti, papa scold u ? "
she said " thing spoil, papa beat, beat , beat ,beat" (while beating her own hand)

T2- Ya.. terrible 2.. sometimes embarass me in the public :( when shopping dun wan to hold hands.. will squat down.. and hide her hand behind her.. until sometimes her papa.. so angry and carry her forcefully.. so paiseh..
i told her papa, be glad that she is not rolling on the floor *cross fingers*

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♥ Thursday, February 12, 2009

Yes I am happy! at last i can go back to work.. almost a week liaoz.. me feel so bad sial..

but no choice.. Tiff got fever since sat.. sat we still bring her go sit train.. skytrain.. becos she never take mrt before.. ahhahaa.. she enjoyed.. i have taken pics.. but haven upload..

these few days with tiff.. she is very smart leh!!!!

she wanna watch dvd.. when i am cooking.. she ask me to on the dvd for her.. her sesame street dvd.. at first she keep saying barney.. i never knew she know barney.. becos i dun like barney and i have not intro barney to her.. hahaha.. most likely its the school lor..

she knows how to eject the dvd.. and change.. OMG! this ger is growing!

and den.. last nite when i wanna change her toy battery.. she go to the cupboard and take screwdriver and tell me.. "i take i take" den she come running to me.. i told her its dangerous to take the screwdriver and run.. wat if she fall down how?? den she nod her head.

2 mornings ago.. i was still sleeping.. i think she fed up.. den i thinking how come she never come disturb me leh.. i worried she anyhow climb.. i quickly get up.. i found her playing her toys on her own.. !! so happy!

I have a MP4 player.. bought long long time ago.. sometimes can on .. sometimes.. cannot.. so i ask her to on for me.. and yes! she can turn it on for me.. whereas till now i still canot turn it on myself.. Hahahaha!

these few nites she not drinking her milk lor.. the doc said her "milk drinking" will come back.. hopefully.. cross fingers..

den today.. I was asking her daddy to bathe for her.. her daddy asking me to bathe for her.. u know la man.. den .. we stand outside the bathroom arguing lor.. she standing in the centre.. after that.. she hold me finger.. and den tell her daddy "go" hahahahaha.. so funny.. her daddy was standing outside the bathroom door.. smart girl right?

today she is better liaoz.. i brought her to go pasir ris park to sweat a bit.. and i took pics too!

and when she is bathing.. she wanna urine.. she point to her wee wee and den I brought her to sit on the toliet bowl.. after she finish.. she said "finish"

and when she wanna eat.. she point to the food to say "want"

when she put on her fever cooling pad and wanna take out .. she will say "take out" ..

yes.. she is growing.. and I am enjoying it!!! hehehehe..

Oh YA! and 1 more thing.. she not drawing circles liaoz!! she can draw a straight line liaoz!!!

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♥ Wednesday, February 04, 2009

yesterday :
my ger got bitten on the face yesterday by a boy who bites her on her hand before..
When i pick her.. I got a shock when i saw her! just 1cm cm kanna her eyes liaoz leh! and i was told that this boy.. at home.. the father bites him while playing as a form of affection.. the bite is kiss..
the centre keep apologising .. and i also scolded them liaoz..
wat would u do if u were me? and wat would u do if u are the boy's mum?

Sunday :

On sun we went jb, I brought T inside the petrol station buy drink etc.. .. this other singaporean kid with the mum.. the boy abt 4-5 yrs old.. start to come up to T and go Warhhhhhhh.. a lot of times.. and den i look at the mother.. she bo chap!!! den T keep laffing.. she thinks its funny.. so i told T to come over to me.. If the kor kor bully her.. must tell mummy... i purposely said loudly.. wah lau!! the mother BO CHAP!

We went to new shopping centre beside Jusco called Tesco.. the supermart there got trolley for kids leh!! so cute.. will upload pics later..

Last friday:

Tiff bite her class mate, a ger on the chest.. Sigh.

2nd day of CNY :

ON CNY.. i carried my niece in law.. cos T wanna see.. den when my cousin in law carry her baby back.. T Cried very loud... but she sayang the baby very well.. and she seems Da jie jie..

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