♥ Saturday, February 23, 2008

Later got acupunture.. den after that bring tiffany go gai gai.. she is zzz now.. aiyo.. she very smart hahaha..

am updating my phone software now.. very slow.. very sianz..

nothing much to update.. tomolo sunday HB going to airshow.. i cannot go :( cos no $$ to buy tix.. den not that he got money to go lah.. just that his company got give them free tix.. and only 1 for each person niaz.. . very "cat" hor!! :(

Sianz.. very very sianz.. wahahahaha..

oh ya!! 1 thing very angry leh!!! She ask me to type 36 pages.. copy type leh.. and of cos i smart.. i use convertor from pdf to doc lah.. but stil need time to format it mah and check if anything is missing.. wah lau!! i finished it in 1/2 a day already very good leh.. can u imagine if i copy type.. think will take a day or a day and a 1/2 lor.. this kind of ppl hor.. buey ki dong one.. think i superwoman ar.. somemore not satisfied with my performance leh!!!! KNS!!! KNNZ!!!

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♥ Friday, February 22, 2008

Well.. have been very busy with own stuffs.. esp work..

Very sianz.. now den get to rest a while.. so i thinking i better blog..

Tiffany is very cute.. ya ya ya.. i am proud of her can??

When she wake up .. i stil zzz.. she will go "ma, ma.... mama... ma.... ma.. " hahaha.. asking me to wake up lor.. ahhahahaha

i stil got no time to upload pics here leh.. cos can only upload at home.. den when i reach home already wat time liaoz..

ok.. must tell myself to do it.. most likely tonite.. cos i can get to rest tonite!! YEAH!!

Next week is Tiffany's 1st birthday celebration.. at pasir ris chalet.. hopefully things will go smoothly... most haven reply my sms yet.. and some got wedding to attend.. hmmm... we shall see how it goes.. :)

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♥ Monday, February 18, 2008

Got something very happy to share with u all!!!

TIFFANY CAN WALK ON HER OWN LIAOZ @ 11 months and 1 week !!!!!!

Her 1st steps 2 steps are at 9 months!!!

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♥ Friday, February 15, 2008

know i have been changing maid again n again.. This time.. the maid left the house with MY DD w/o permission wic i told her that she CANNOT leave the house w/o my permission ever!!!! and she leave the house w/o locking the gate or closing the door (becos we never told her there is a set of house keys at home.. but I think she knows where are the keys becos yesterday she unlock the gate for me using the house keys)I am very worked up now!!!!!! She has abused my trust already!! i cannot accept such things!!!Now.. i am advised by my mum and agent.. to give her a chance.. every human error.. but... I really cannot accept such things!!!more den 12 hours not at home .. at work.. den come out such things.. I AM very very extremely disappointed.. Now.. i need opinions.. do u think i should change her immediately or give her a chance?She is good in household chores and looking after the baby not bad lah.. but she is forgetful.. she is with me for 2 weeks already..


the above post was last friday.. anyway she got 6 sets of scolding.. (2 of it from me) that day.. Give her a last chance and see how she perform lor.. Very sianz with the stupid maid.. den i realise something.. once my friend told me.. all maids are stupid.. u need to treat them like stupid ppl den u wont get angry.. Sigh..

now she is very afraid of me.. hahahaha

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♥ Thursday, February 14, 2008

Well!! Happy Valentines' Day to all!!!! (and to myself too)

This year dunno got flowers a not.. last year.. HB high fever so nothing.. except that the week before V day.. we went to buy a couple watch..

this year intended to get another pair.. but financial dun allow.. so no choice..

Hmm.. last nite hubby said he went to look at ROSES.. but this morning.. he smsed me said no flowers.. Hmm.. i wonder.. will there be a surprise ?? okok.. i know.. but all girls will like to receive flowers mah!!!!!

anyway.. Happy can liao.. today i look like flower liaoz.. so no need flowers to match!! wahahahahahaha


I miss my baby.. she is growing.. but due to working late these 2 nights.. i din get to see her.. in the morning.. less den 1/2 hr den go work liaoz.. sadz... she is raelly growing .. big girl liaoz..

We organised a chalet for her 1st birthday party.. hope she will enjoy herself.. i know u all may say.. she might not even remember.. but doesnt matter.. she will know.. when she see photos etc right??? its all for remembrance.. (dun wan my baby like my cousin say " my mum forgot my 1st birthday" )


Yes!! I finished the 10 arch files in 2 days!!! with 2 nights.. wahahahaa.. and STUPIDLY.. she did not come today!! damn!!!!!!! and din even tell me!!!

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♥ Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Kanna tekan or wat i dunno..

i only know at 11 am this morning.. I was instructed to type in 10 hello!!!! yes its 10!! TEN!! Arch files by thrusday!!!!!!! this thursday!!!

ok got to rush out the work liaoz!!! DAMN!

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♥ Monday, February 11, 2008

Things Tiffany did over the holidays.. she is terrific!!!! time spent with her.. i miss her and love her so mucheeeeeeeee

She will crawl and kiss me in the morning..

she is jsut so adorable.. when she wants to go home.. she will do the flying kiss to everybody.. wahahaha...

now she knows , kiss, bye, flying kiss, Hi, where, no more, No,

and she can dance too!!! my baby is really growing!! :)

she also know how to clap her hands.. i can't state all at 1 time.. she can do a lot more liaoz!!!

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Gong Xi Fa Cai to all!!! Happy new YEAR!!! Wishing all a good year ahead...

OK updates on CNY..

5th feb

went to my mum's plc for reunion dinner.. had steamboat.. damn filling lor.. and 1 thing happened!! TIFFANY CAN WALK!!!!! she walked 2 steps on her own that nite!!!!!!!!! so happy!!!

after tat shower her den go home and zzz lor..

6th feb

morning..went to bank to change money.. den had breakfast and send HB to final theory test.. dun ask me the result.. haaa...den i went shopping awhile.. den he came meet me at amk after his test.. and guess wat!! tummy cramp!!!! ya.. on the eve of CNY!! Pengz!!!

den went home shower rest a while.. den go IL's plc for dinner lor.. go there eat and eat again.. cannot lah!!! too full liaoz!! den just eat food lor..

after that went home rest.. dunno where to go.. after 12 am i go zzz.. den HB's cousin say wanna go cai shen miao (wealth of god temple) den meet at 1.30 am lor! piangz.. ya.. siao rite? nvm..

and den after taht we got free windmill from there.. so we took a few lor .. had supper den went home..

zzz at 4-5 am..

7th feb (1st day of CNY)

Wake up.. wish granny .. den HB stil zzz.. den i bring tiff go and wish hb lor.. den give tiff angbao.. hehe.. tiff is really growing.. so cute.. ya i know i promise photos .. wait la ok??

den go IL's plc.. den actually wanna go my mum's plc.. but by time we reach there.. she leave the house liaoz.. so pick her and go back home to granny's plc lor..

den play .. watch tv.. play Blackjack.. actually i dun wan to play.. den use $1 win $4 ... hahaha...

After that went to watch movie.. watched at lot 1.. with my aunty and cousin and sis.. (1st time with my aunty) wah lau!!! the cinema cannot make it.. on top of that.. the movie not very nice.. kungfu dunk... similiar to shaolin football.. dun like ..

den go home and zzz lor.. again.. zzz at abt 3-4 am.. haa

8th Feb (2nd day of CNY)

Really nothing to do leh.. very sianz... nua til abt 5-6 pm den decide to go to HB's aunty's house.. stayed til abt 8+ den go home lor.. actually we intend to go watch movie ourselves.. but.. all full house.. den very sianz also.. soooooo... went to zzz at 10 pm.. wahahahaa..

9th Feb (3rd day of CNY)

Went to pray to tai sui at paya lebar with my mum and sis lor.. after that before we left house.. my cousin called and say wanna play mahjong.. wah! ya! everybody come to granny house lor.. on 3rd day..eat liaoz.. den end up pay blackjack.. haa.. i won $12.50.. wahahhaa.. actually i win $20 ++ one.. den be dealer den lose liao lor..

after that my youngest aunt go back.. den we play mahjong.. den wanna go watch movie again.. cannot make it for the 12am movie.. cos everybody play mahjong so slow den dun wan wait my granny make noise.. so.. we have to finish the round lor.. so we watch 1am++ movie at GVmax!! i tell u !! the cinema is SHOIK LAH!!!! damn shiok!!!! and we watched Ah long Pte Ltd.. damn funny lah!!! laugh til pengz... wahahahahhahaa..

ok.. den up zz only at 4-5 am again.. wahahaha.. ya yay.. become panda liaoz.. so...

on 10 feb (4th day of CNY)

zzzz the whole day.. did not go out at all..

zzz til 12 pm+ eat lunch. den 2 pm zzz til 5 pm +

den after that eat dinner.. den zzz again at 10+ til this morning.. den come to work liaoz!!


kai gong liaoz!!!!!

Ok.. end of updates at the moment!!!

hope this year really a good year for me!! i can feel it coming!! really!!!!!

wed 4D - i buy -0616.. it opened 0716.. sad rite!!!! somemore 2nd prize leh!!!

den sat.. 3rd prize hor!!! buy 6880.. open 9880!!! stil not enuff luck! nvm.. coming liaoz!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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♥ Tuesday, February 05, 2008

Ya.. ok.. update on wat's the summary..

On Friday..
The maid is suppose to come back on 2 feb 08... Becos i send my maid back for home leave.. and i DID NOT know that i need to apply the documents like exit permit, contract endorsement etc for her.. so .. instead of paying for that amt.. i think i rather get a new maid.. P.S. Yes stupid me.. never check for the "home leave" stuff.. :(
Over the weekend..
Yes.. got a new maid.. went maid shopping.. so new maid came in on sunday.. teach teach teach lor..

"Help.. am lost.. baby refuses to drink milk.. she is coming 11 months liaoz.. over the weekend.. no matter wat we do.. how we bluff.. also dun wan to drink milk.. she only drinks in the morning.. sat.. 210ml.. finish.. sunday.. 180 ml.. refuse to drink.. today also.. i make 240.. she only drink 1/2 .. how i bluff also dun wan to drink.. last nite i so desperate til i let her drink from straw.. she sip a few sip den dun wan to drink too.. but she drinks a lot of water.. even after she sleep already.. i change the pacifier to milk.. she will wail loudly... she knows its milk...this morning.. my maid said wrongly.. water as milk.. as she giving the baby water.. she said "come baby drink milk" she scream when she heard the word "milk" HOW??? but she eats her porridge and cereal etc.. how???????????I thiniking of mixing her cereal with milk.. but i am afraid after she realise that her cereal contains milk.. she refuses to eat her cereal.. den big headache.. how???""

TODAY, ...
YEAH!!! Last nite.. the maid and my granny manage to bluff her to drink milk.. 1 carry her.. 1 feed her milk.. so i started with 150 first.. scared that she will not finish.. den she finish i make another 150 she finish also!!This morning.. she finished 210ml too!!!! last nite when i cleaning her up.. i realise that she did not drink milk for 2 days.. she lost quite a bit of weight.. *sad* :(
tonite having reunion dinner at my mum's plc.. den tomolo at IL's plc..
I hope that time pass quickly.. den come CNY.. i can't wait for CNY for ALL my bad luck to go away!!!!!!

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♥ Monday, February 04, 2008

My baby not drinking milk.. - Current problem..
Changed maid.. - problem should be considered solved.. but have to see how lor..
no money - permanent problem.. jialat..


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