♥ Tuesday, October 28, 2008

I am extreme tired today la!!!!! faintz!

yesterday bbq.. and tiff had a lot of fun.. til this morning also dun wan to wake up..

Sat went to chinatown.. and den Marina Sq.. and i had a very bad headache.. eat medi for 2 days..

den sat evening went to Gloria's 1st birthday party... den tiff very tired.. so left quite early too.. otw home.. Haven get out of the car park.. she zzz liaoz..

Sunday.. went to pasir ris market.. den end up at bedok market.. eat there and shop there.. bought a evening dress and a white dress for BP's wedding!!! hahaha.. yes.. i be "jie mei" can?? who say married cannot be "jie mei" ???? :PP

1st time be "jie mei" YEAh!! so happy!! hahahahaa.. but the white dress can only collect next week la..

aiyo!! NOV BROKE! and really BROKE LA! got 2 weddings.. at last i dun need to keep wearing the same evening dress to wedding liaoz! hahaha

Monday - Deepavail..

Aiyo! tired lor! cos BIL and SIL got chalet for LIttle Xue.. for Little Xue's 1st birthday also lor.. at first said dun wanna celebrate.. den after that they bought a cake.. *faintz* .. but nvm.. the cake is nice! hehe..

will upload pics later.. now i going to take a nap.. damn stone la!! i drink 2 cuppa coffee liaoz!

tonite going to continue the BBQ.. den no need to buy dinner lor..

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♥ Thursday, October 23, 2008

I bought a book from MPH earlier.. its called "Couples in Crisis" Hahaha.. i mean a couple dun need to be in crisis to read such a book right? we can always prevent den cure right? :P

and i think its the 1st book i bought after sooooooooooooooooooooooooooo long?? 3-4 years ? becos i believe in going to the library to borrow instead.. but .. yes.. buying my own book i can OTOT mah..

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I am stressed..

Can someone up there.. pls give me a solution or a guardian angel to help me ??

I wish to be a child again.. I wish to turn time back and go back and undo things that are not meant to have been done.. BUT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Wat's done cannot be undone!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Why cry over spilled milk right?? den can lick it up from the ground a not??

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♥ Friday, October 17, 2008

Haha.. tell u all something very funny..

last nite my mummy ask me.. "Ger.. u got "yiu yu zhen" is it?" I was like HUH?!??!!?

I think its very funny to me lor.. suddenly ask me like that?? and den my ger already 19 months liao lor..

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♥ Wednesday, October 15, 2008

I am hurt.. Sigh.. just go to learn to slowly lick and heal my own wound..

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♥ Monday, October 13, 2008

Tiff at the makeover session.. posnig with the image consultant..

At Maxwell market.. we go and buy food.. she sit there quietly.. *good girl*

Her "er shen" put the rings on all her limbs.. hahaha

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Video of Tiff at Changi BoardWAlk

video of Tiff making herself fall asleep

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video of tiff eating on her own..

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Sigh.. tiffany is sick.. today urgent leave.. mostly tomolo also.. Sigh..

Brought her to see 3 doctors liaoz!!! sat is the 3rd doc.. cos she running fever at 38.1 and i had enuff of the other doctors liaoz.. their medicine all cannot make it.. if after this dose of medi still not well.. i am going to bring her to PD liaoz.. becos of she being sick.. she is still not able to take her 18th month booster.. jialat.. i also waiting for her to take the booster den bring her to take the dunno wat prenuacoccal dunno spell correctly a not.. its for the lungs one lor.. cos i read somewhere that going to CCC must have that jab.. if not dangerous..

like i said i brought her to the 3rd doc right?? we went sat morning.. i drove over.. when i pull over .. she ask me "go where?" I said "go to doctor becos u are sick" U know wat she reply me ??!?!?!?!?! she said "rubbish" and den she sulk.. pengz..

at the slide at the doctor's office.. ya.. i know.. she dun look sick.. but she is running a fever of 38.5 lor..

ok.. the long overdue pics and videos coming up..

tell u all hor.. dun scold me ar.. yesterday still bring her go WWW wild wild wet.. to play .. i bring her go play becos after that.. she fever went down.. dun wan her to feel sick mah..

these are the pics of the wild wild wet coming up first..

<-- ya pushing her little "meimei"

followed by the long overdue pics of the fishing etc.. and some random pics..

last friday she very funny la.. only me and her at home.. den i prepare water wanna bring her go bathe.. den i realise that my bedsheet very smelly mah.. so i go and dig out the bedsheet.. when i was doing that.. she was in the hall playing.. the next moment i heard somebody washing something.. i tot her daddy come back but why no sound... i go and see.. OMG!! she is washing her cat lor!!!!!!

The video of her washing her "cat" .. Faintz..

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♥ Thursday, October 09, 2008

Tiffany getting cutier day by day lor..

she calls her po po already !!! and she also start to recite her.. nai nai, ye ye, po po, jie jie, etc etc..

she even said "bu yao" wah!!! hehehee.. so happy

and she can do duck walk too!!!

The children's place clothes i bought for her .. i let her wear on sat when we went JB.. ok.. pics coming soon!!!

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♥ Monday, October 06, 2008

Hi all.. am back

Tiff was sick.. down with fever, cough and blocked nose.. Sad...

den on friday.. Tiff was fighting in sch! OMG! and she kanna scratch on the face by the other ger.. apparrently..the 2 kids were fighting over a toy.. den the ger gave her 1 hand scratch on the face.. Sigh.. and the teachers were bathing the kids lor.. and they were suppose to be playing together.. and I think .. the ger that scratch her.. too fast.. that i can understand.. becos sometimes they do things too fast for us to react..

and den hor.. i can't update in detail now.. cos in the office.. new office .. hehehe..

and den hor.. last nite.. the units in my flat.. suddenly black out!! and Tiff know how to say scared scared by patting her chest lor!! faintz! Sigh.. hahahahahahahaha .. my little baby.. growing up day by day..

and she knows how to say "bye" and its really said it out.. not just wave hands only..

and of cos "bird" she got back her "bird" hahahaha

oh ya!! 1 more.. my mum has been waiting for long.. "po po" hahahaha..

i told u she know how to say .. just that she dun wan to say in front of u.. den last nite when i video call my mum.. den i ask tiff to call po po .. and she called lor.. and on the call.. my mum also said " call po po.. " and of cos she go "po po , po po " and den my mum cant hear lor.. becos she busy repeating herself "call po po , call po po" faintz..

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