♥ Monday, December 24, 2012

Today both girls got their ear piercings done..

And i felt very comfortable abt it..  Unlike the time when tiffany got it done at simei so unprofessionally..  Still feeling pissed off thinking about it.. 

Glad this time is someone experienced to do it..  Didn't know where to go about doing it..  So headed to tampines to do ot..  Decided to try tampines one before following a review of a shop at tamp mall which the earrings cost at least 49.90.

Went to ask..  Found a shop call crystal_____ err..  I can't remember the shop name but its next to couple lab.. 

Its cheap and good and fast. 

My big baby girl didn't shed a tear at all!!  So proud of her!!!

Also very proud of vic..  Her left ear she didn't cry too..  But after her right ear..  She wail!!!  Saying..  'mama!  Pain!!' 

Lol!!  after i promised them ice cream after tge piercing, Victoria soften her crying.. So cute!

My princesses priceless experience :) 

Mummy and daddy love you both.. 

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♥ Thursday, December 13, 2012

Very eventful day today.. 

Woke up n found Victoria's face half swollen... 

Bought tiff to school n den vic to see doctor. 

Otw to see doctor,  we took a short cut..  Didn't talk much..  Out of the sudden..  Vic ask ' mummy,  can i kiss you?'  so sweet..  I bend down n let her kiss n i kiss back. 

At dr hamid's he is on leave a standing doctor saw vic.  She likes vic so much n i think vic also like her..  Cos everything dr hamid wanna check her mouth,  she don't allow.   Have to pry open..  This doc,  she just happily open voluntary for her to examine.  The doctor name is Diana cher..  Nice lady..  I like her too.. 

Den ce home rest a while,  i went to loyang pt..  While in SS,  saw vic hair dirty..  I tot she anyhow touch so i cleaned her hair.. 

After tat went upstairs to get lunch for her,  i saw tat the whole of her right side kanna bird shit la..  Eeekkksss!!!

After tat came home,  bathe,  eat lunch,  rested and den ask her go zzz.. 

While preparing cooking dinner,  office called.  Den i didn't hear mah..  Until boss txt me to call office urgent..  Den i faster call back lor.. 

Aiyo end up becos of some files,  i ask boss so many times after their last meeting wat happened..  He just say wait for them to revert..  Den now come n ask me Wats tge quantum discussed.  Boss also never tell me.. 

Anyways,  cooked lotus peanut soup,  herbal chicken and cabbage.. 

After tat asl tiff do her spelling and thereafter i wrap presents asking her which to give who. 

Vic also can ask..  This present for who?  And she says Tiffany's classmate cum best friend name,  Ca-Ra.. Lol!! 

At 12am, Just woke tiff to go pee..  I say'  tiff wake up go shee shee'

Dunno is it stress or blur,  she ask me ' mummy how to spell shee shee.' 

Dunno to Laff or cry..  Maybe really stress with spelling.  

Mummy love Tiffany n Victoria!  XOXO! 

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♥ Tuesday, December 04, 2012

Scene 1

Tiff. : mummy,  meimei's tummy so big. 

Vic : (pointing at Tiffany's tummy)  you then big! 


Scene 2

Me: meimei you notti!  Mummy don't care you huhhhh..

Tiff : mummy,  you cannot don't care meimei because she is your baby., 

Me : ( hug tiffany)  you are also my baby right??

Tiff stunned look.  Lol!! 

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After pre- deepavali outing...  One of my close friend is diagnosed with nose cancer...  I am very very upset to hear that...  Why is life so unfair??! 

It always happens to the nicest people and yet all the evil ppl don't get these evil things... 

I hope the chemo will do her good...  Her kids are still so young...  She has a nice,  heart warming family.  Pls don't take the beautiful children's mummy... 

I know she will recover..  But still very upset.

Hugz,  get well soon my friend.. 

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