♥ Saturday, April 28, 2007

" Love is all about taking a rish, u might get hurt but if that person really loves you, he wont give u the slightest change to feel hurt"

" Love is never having to say you're sorry, for anything that u do cos he loves u just the way you are"

" Love is being stinky, noisy, spoilt brat that u are n still seeing him grinning at you, saying you are the best in the world"

"Love is trusting him with eery bit of your heart, knowing he wont break it"

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♥ Friday, April 20, 2007

My precious ger.. she is growing older day by day.. i can't describe the love i have for her!!!

Well.. having quite a bit of fights and quarrels with HB.. and i think its affecting our r/s.. and i hate it!!! i hate that kind of feeling..

well.. most of the time is i not very happy cos he seldom help to take care of Tiffany.. maybe he is tired at work.. but Tiffany is suppose to be the best stress relief of all right? but he choose to sit infront of the cpu.. only after a big fight on sunday.. den he try to improve this week..

yes.. u maybe thinking .. why cannot compromise? i am trying to compromise lor.. but he dun seem to realise how it is not easy to take care of a baby..

We know that we love each other.. and it hurts alot alot to hurt each other.. Sigh..

matters of the heart... hard to understand.. follow your heart not your mind..

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♥ Thursday, April 05, 2007

yes.. my Tiffany.. or rather our Tiffany a 2 1/2 week old bb know how turn herself 1/2. and even learning to crawl..

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Well.. its been sometime that i blogged or rather write down wat i felt..

Tomolo is Tiffany's full month celebration.. today HB and me had a good fight.. yes its my fault that i shouldnt have raised my voice.. but somehow i realise that if there are no quarrels and fights... u tend to take one another for granted until.. u reach the limit.. u exploded.. den u start to be sweeter and more sensitive to each other needs..

Yes.. communication is the most important factor in any relationship.. be it friendship.. BGR or marriage..

ok.. wats past is past.. we are still getting to know and understand each other more.. i also tooo much.. keep pressing.. why cant i be like when it started? give space to breathe.. probably.. am beginning to scared now that i cant back out..

i use to let him walk away and i cool down.. i believe that i still can do it...

ok got to attend to Tiffany liaoz

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