♥ Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Today Early morning we went out with sally n her kids,  mischa n favian.. 

Went to ikea for breakfast,

  den tampines mall tat sally need to change her sim card

and den to polliwogs.. 

The girls and everybody had a great time..  Bringing them to polliwogs of cos not cheap la..  2 of them..  $36!! 

Just now I putting the girls to Zzzz..  Den suddenly i saw a figure at the glass door..  I got a shock i screamed... Den the girls screamed ans cried too..  After tat realise tat its hubby tat is standing at the glass door making funny face in the dark at the glass door!!!  Thereafter,  vic don't dare to open her eyes and say that she is scared..  Poor girls..  And silly daddy!! 

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♥ Friday, November 09, 2012

Today the girls are performing,  tiff woke up at 6.30am!! Cos she's excited. 

Vivi tried to show me part of her dance.  Last night,  she keeps showing me.  I love you.   Hahahha. 

Babies,  mummy n daddy love u both..  See u in a while!!! 

After concert,  we have a date to go pizza and play with sharmaine n Clara family at east coast. 

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♥ Thursday, November 08, 2012

The year end is here again..  This year both girls are performing.  

From last year only their school alone..  They get more performance opportunity.   Tiffany will be doing 3 dances and 1 set of speech.  Vic will be doing 2 dances.  

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