♥ Wednesday, June 08, 2016

I seriously  need to get my ass typing my blog.

Kimberly flipped to 3 months 5days which was on 6/6/2016  which was also my helper,  liz birthday!  Lol!

I started taking TR90 on 5/6/2016..and my milk turn yellowish on 7/6/2016..(Kimberly is sick with cough n runny nose,  so am I)
Dunno if tat explains for the yellowish milk.

And now!  At 4/5am! My Menses came!! So dunno if my yellowish milk gotta do with my mens.... Also...  Did TR90 Jumpstart got anything to do with my mens.. Cos its restarting ur system mah..

Ok..  Going back to zzz.  

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