♥ Friday, December 14, 2007

I can't help it!! i am a genius.. i realise that my blog cannot post comments.. den i manage to get it done.. so fast. hehe.. okok .. i will stop praising myself.. hehe..

Hm... i wonder who has been reading my blog?? pls leave tags leh.. hehehe.. my tag like i talking to myself..

Thurs tif fever.. high fever.. not becos of teething ok.. teething will cause fever but slight only.. not HIGH fever.. get it?? den wed.. my maid tells me she dun wan to work.. she wan to go back.. faintz.. she is those upper class of philipinos lah.. den.. sigh.. like comming here holiday.. like play me out like.. suka suka.. sign 2 yrs contract den wan to go back like that !!! kns.. i brainwashed and screwed her for like 1 week liaoz.. and during that time i am extreme stress lor!!

Lucky after brainwash liaoz.. i gave her an offer is to go back 2 weeks den come back and finish up her contract and she agree.. so 1 down..

tiffany fever til sunday.. thank goodness she is well liaoz.. she grow up liaoz.. hope her love for us unconditionally will be lasting..

den me and HB had a good talk lor.. at least now he is better... so i not so worry now..

now the current issues are .. tomolo is HDB 1st appt.. den followed by our big day.. den mum's birthday and den hb's birthday.we brought tif out to take pics.. wil upload later.. stil in hp..

tot of bringing her go to those indoor playground.. hehee...

and Thanks a zillion also not enuff to my gf, bp.. Love ya so much.. u helped me just when i needed it so much!! thanks!

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♥ Tuesday, December 11, 2007

had been a busy weekend.. hurt.. very hurt now.. blog later..

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♥ Tuesday, December 04, 2007

Monday, HB not working cos he need to go and settle his CPf thingy lor.. He accompany all the way to work.. so call send me to work.. til down stairs lor.. hehe.. so sweet.. hehe *blush*

den he went out with my cousin, WJ.. den going home..met him at raffles mrt control again.. den go home together.. hehehe.. den he bought a lot of things for me.. hehehe.. Well.. i find it sweet cos he got think of me lor..

He bought my N95 casing.. a hp strap with my name on it from gift a name.. I think not cheap lor.. and den he bought me a perfume.. those kind where bugis sells in nice portable bottles one.. he bought mircle.. i like that too..

den he bought erm.. i can't rmb wat's the name of it.. but its very nice.. the muahchee skin with ice-cream inside.. very very very nice lro.. but very ex..

Den he also bought a xmas present for Tif!! he bought a pooh bear.. a bit fake leh.. but tag say disney leh.. den somemore from gift-a-name leh..

den ask her to tear open she dun wan.. so we open for her.. den the 1st thing she did was.. to open her mouth and targetted at pooh's nose.. wahahhaahhaa....

she really very cutie leh..

before that went to my mum there.. ta bao dinner for 7 ppl lor.. den end up stil got 1 big portion of beehoon.. hahaha.. yes.. unfrogtettable.. sweet day from HB to me.. hehehe.. I love u darling.. :)

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Well.. sat was a tedious day.. looking after Tiffany whole day lor.. lucky she good girl.. hehee.. went to IL's plc for niece's full month lor.. a lot of relatives there lor.. den aiyo.. so noisy.. even i also cannot take it..

my poor niece so skinny.. dunno how they feed the baby.. how i wish i can help them take care for 2 months and make her at least normal.. she totally got no extra meat lor.. all is bones.. den keep crying..i think hungry.. Sigh..

Den after that went to expo with them.. wanted to see got thing to buy.. den i saw a swim suit.. for tif of cos.. only 9.90 and very nice.. usual price is 39.90.. take already.. den went to walk walk.. den 1 sales lady told us.. u need to que for 2 hrs now leh.. some customers ask us to reserve then tomolo den come back and buy.. (cos she see us got 2 babies mah).. wah!! "-_- sial.. den we all put everything back and head home.. faint lah!!! paingz!!!

Had argument on sat evening when we reach home lor.. sigh.. dun say liaoz.. say also sianz..

Sunday went to JB early in the morning.. had brunch.. den went shopping.. bought quite a number of things.. den also do medicure!!! wahahahahahaha.. and my hello kitty speakers!!! hehee.. HB also do medicure leh!! he do a dolphin.. (later upload pics)

Den went to buy groceries.. etc.. ended up changed abt SGD450.. Piangz.. faintz rite?? but stil got balance a bit lor.. at the groceries already RM400 gone lor.. the rest is on eat, petrol and other things...


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