♥ Friday, November 30, 2007

Well.. well.. HB stil on reservist and din came back til last nite den go back in again this morning.. dunno is tonite finish or tomolo den finish..

My maid going off tomolo.. yes.. a sat cos actually its sunday one.. den we need to go jb on sunday mah.. so .. ya lor.. ask her to go on sat lor..

Last nite HB came back.. he intend to give me surprise.. but i got viewing for 484 admiralty link.. so bo pian.. yes its my listing.. my friend's house..

but i promised to meet ailing liaoz.. so meet her for a while lor.. cos she feeling down mah..

den went home abt coming 11 am lor..

This morning my darling baby woke up at 5 am!!!! Aiyo!! den she getting cuter very day leh.. and she got 4 TOOTH!!! will try to take a pic and den post it up.. yes.. try to take pic of her teeth.. hahahaha

tonite going to yvonne's princess, Gloria's baby shower.. and grace is going to bring her princess there and i am going to bring mine too.. and i am SURE that she sure going to have a good time.. becos she likes other kids!!!! hehe

will update with the pics taken tonite!!


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I personally liked the above.. good reasons to work just OFFICE HOURS!! and moreover.. we are only allowed to work like 44 hrs / week!!!

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♥ Monday, November 26, 2007

Well.. Weekend! Sat.. went for food trail with Dar, bp and her bf.. wah!! her bf driving very very extremely "hiong" lah!!! my heart was like skipping a beat twice all the time lor.. the way he sped, the way he "cut" lanes.. Piangz! Phew! lucky save and sound.. all is well.

The game was quite fun lah.. as in thinking of the clue and den go to the stops to complete the tasks.. the tasks are boring lah.. but the travelling is fun lor.. cos i love to travel mah.. wahahhaah.. we practically take all the expressways .. I mean ALMOST but not all yet.. PIE, AYE, CTE, SLE, TPE, ECP and den BKE.. See. almost right?? ok.. the 1st stop is at lim chu kang.. bollywood veggie.. den 2nd stop is Rivervalley, valley point.. followed by Jln Kayu.. and den ECP.. den back to HQ (c&c alexandra) .. hahaha.. almost whole singapore also "run" liaoz.. hehe..

YES! and i Sprain my ankle again.. Sigh.. this year like very suay leh.. say suay also not very suay cos go the birth of my "kai xin guo" tiffany.. !!

BP said HB's haircut like Tiffany!! Wahhahahahahahaha!!!

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sunday we went to sinseh lor.. den went to the "car" model shops.. wat u call those that small one.. can race and drift one.. i dunno wat's that call lah.. but i know its those kind of tamiya one lah..

den in the car.. took a few pics of my Kai xin guo!! .. and here it goes..

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and my Little SWEETIE PIE!!

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♥ Saturday, November 24, 2007

Monday... can's remember also.. tues.. HB booked out.. so came home... den after that send him to his friend's plc book in lor..

wed.. basically nothing much during the whole week except thursday.. decided to bring Tiff to buy things.. aiyo.. go only spend $100++ liaoz.. sigh.. buy her detergent.. dishwashing biskit cereal and so on lor.. with my darling bestie.. she never fails to be there for me.. I hope that when she needs me to be there i can be too!! provided she looks for me lah.. den when to pasar malam.. buy lots of snacks to eat..

heh.. got ppl ask me to be her spokeswoman for SLIMMING!!! Yeah!! it means free treatment for slimming sessions!! I hope i can make it!! its my dream to be slim!! *blush* hehe

den yesterday friday went to suki sushi with Jus and Ling.. Wow! its really damn cheap.. just like wat Jus said.. cos that time xiuling got tell me.. she went to try.. 99cents.. but end up paying abt the same as sake sushi or wat .. but no leh.. i went to try to them! and we ate a whole lot!! its like only $44 lor!!!!!! Cheap!!! yeah!! heh!

Later going for mitsubishi car rally.. food trail. hope HB can make it in time to book out.. if not only me, bp and her bf lor.. later stil got to stick the stickers on the car.. dunno i can make it to stick it a not.. cos i never like to stick the stickers myself cos dunno how.. hahahahaha!

Tiffany 1st time eat french fries yesterday!! hahahaha!!! and she damn smart lor.. know how to eat also.. hahaa.. i scared she choke sial.. den let her try.. den after a while.. i see she really eat leh.. den left little bit on her hand only.. hahahaha..

ok.. here are her pics of eating french fries for the 1st time!!

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♥ Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Lets101 Quizzes - Fun Quiz

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Lets101 Quizzes - Blog and Myspace Quizzes

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♥ Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Can i say that my life is occupied?? everyday very occupied.. but dunno why wat...

Sat.. send HB to work.. den intended to "repair" the car.. but they ask me to go back on monday.. den went for an interview.. and its an insurance agt job lah.. lame..

after that went to maxwell to buy lunch.. bought zhen zhen porridge and chicken rice.. total buying hours is 1 hours + queing.. i think considered fast liaoz..

and that is an expensive lunch lor.. i tot raining the stupid auntie wont come mah.. who knows.. kanna $30!!! to that day lunch was like $50 all in all lor.. kns

den evening go aunty joyce house for dinner and stayed there til 10 den go home zzzz lor..

sunday... we went chong pang in the morning with baby.. have breakfast and buy some things.. like my shoe for the dinner at evening.. and HB's conditioner for his reservist ..

den we went home rest .. nua play a bit den go down stairs set my hair and HB to cut his hair lor..

after that go up liaoz.. Tif dun seem to recongise me.. hahahaha... ok.. show u pic lor..

Ya.. this is the one.. before i left the house.. hhhahahahaa

Den after that went for dinner lor.. very very nice food.. different from wat the normal wedding dinner course leh.. esp the desert is called "baked alaska" its ice-cream inside.. aiya.. should have taken pic of the food!!! aiyo! maybe too hungry liaoz.. there are pics from the dinner too.. later den upload..

Den reach home at 1 am.. zzzz.. den woke up and left house at like 5.50 am.. cos send HB to his friend's plc at sengkang den they go to camp together..

den after that I head down to Alexandra to send in the car and den go to work.. met BP for breakfast lor.. and yesterday is a tired, stone day.. hahaha..

and den this is the aftermath of a wedding dinner on a sunday in the office.. hahahaa

Maybe curly hair suits me?? but after i take out all the pins when going to bathe hor!! really look like bao zha head leh!! maybe its a fresh look for me.. but if do it "permanently" wont look nice also.. dunno.. see how..

At nite . went to C&C for the pre-briefing of the food trail... for this coming saturday!! I looking forward to it!! yeah!!

And the best part that is bothering me now since morning.. i Had a very very bad dream.. wat is it called?? Nightmare~!! or is it trying to tell me something..

I dreamt that HB told me that he has never loved me before and being together is just for the sake of TIF! and den he had slept with 2 other gers1! wat kind of dream manz!!!

den HB say.. "1 nite never zz with u.. u dream this kind of dream.. dunno how to past the rest of the week"

But is my dreams trying to tell me something?? or I really think too much?? But last nite i never think of anything abt him with other gers or wat leh.. i wasn't paranoid mah..

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♥ Friday, November 16, 2007

Sigh..really damn sianz.. not enuff zzz.. and we were on mc on tuesday.. my lil princess had fever on wednesday.. poor lil girl.. but she is a brave ger.. she is not cranky like other kids when they are sick.. she is very quiet.. and den when they had to take her blood.. for blood test.. she did not shed a tear.. my brave little cute ger..

Now she is better liaoz.. I love her soooooooooooooo much... feel so bad and guilty for not having able to watch her grow full time.. in which household now that both husband and wife dun work can support the family.. Sigh.. Singapore life..

Everything going upu and up and up.. and nothing is done on our pay.. so i have to do something abt it..

I realise that I am stil young.. and i need something which has prospects.. So.. i decided that i am going into marketing.... well.. say go den can go meh?? for the past 8 yrs in this line.. dunno go elsewhere got market a not.. start from stretch lor.. atleast got HB support got family support my decision...

HB going reservist liaoz.. next monday start.. and for 2 weeks.. "I'm soooooooooooooooooo lonely tonite.........." wahahahahhahahahahaaha.... ok i know its lame.. but its ok... stil got my lovely princess.. who knows can go clubbing.. yeah!! shhhhh... dun say...


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♥ Friday, November 09, 2007

Ya.. we meet on monday, 5/11/07 to celebrate justin's birthday.. and he is late.. "busy" man mah.. wahahhaa...

and i got my birthday pressie too.. hehehe.. from my besties.. Ailing and Justin.. they are so lovely.. and i love my new BAG!!! (that's very sweet of them to give me a belated..) anyway not too late also.. hehe..

we had sushi.. (yes as usual) and of cos susan joined us too.. den the stupid sake sushi ppl.. no brains or wat.. before that.. already told the manager to arrange for the cake to be brought out.. u know wat!!! they actually bring out the whole plastic bag.. knnz..... POOR SERVICE and no COMMON SENSE Or initative.. kns.. anyway the food at bishan sake lousy!!!

den after that actually wanna go kopi.. den susan's hb ask her to go home .. Sigh.. den we go off lor.. anyway already 9 liaoz... mummies are like that .. sigh.. den send susan back.. den go and look for Tif's "comfort" - (its a milk powder) den when send AL home already 10 + liaoz.. hahaha..

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Yes.. yesterday is deepavail..

bring tif out to suntec to walk walk lor.. she very excited.. hehee.. and i guess she enjoyed except that maybe sitting in the pram all the while she a bit sianz lor.. den make noise and fall asleep in the pram..

while walking in suntec.. after feeding her .. her cereal at sky garden.. i realise like me and HB like teenagers leh.. den bring baby walk ard.. a bit paiseh leh.. HEY WE ARE WORKING ADULTS OK!!! (maybe becos of the way we dressed lor.. )

Upload pics later.. wat is a blog w/o PICS MANZ!!! Wahahhahaa

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